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What is the best survival food?

A look at various survival foods, and I give my humble opinion as to what the best survival food is! It may surprise you that I go against the tradition prepper advice and go with an easy to prepare, easy to put in a bug out bag food

One Response to What is the best survival food?

  • I guess the real distinction that needs to be made is what type of survival kit are you building? If it’s a 7 day home preparedness kit, or even a “bunkering in” kit, then I would agree that PB is an awesome item to stock; high in protein and everyone loves it. But if I’m preparing a Bug Out Bag there’s now way in heck I’ll be packing something so heavy. I’ll load as many freeze dried meals as I can, and instead make sure I have some tools like an axe, Sven saw, knife, fishing pole and .22 that instead let me survive long after that heavy jar of PB would’ve ran out. Overall though I agree with your ideas. And I love the SurvivalX site… awesome resource for all of us! Thanks.

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